The Build Bristol Group constitutes a dynamic coalition of Interior Designers, Architects, Project Managers, Builders, Carpenters, Kitchen Designers, Garden Designers, and Lighting Experts, offering comprehensive design and construction solutions for residential undertakings. Through close collaboration, The Build Bristol Group has fostered robust affiliations with specialised local craftsmen.

With the capability to provide clients with a seamless ‘turnkey’ experience from the initial consultation to the culmination of the project, The Build Bristol Group leverages a network of adept and like-minded professionals to deliver exceptionally superior outcomes. Our operations transcend the confines of Bristol, as we have undertaken the refurbishment, restoration, renovation, extension, and conversion of various properties such as houses, barns, flats, and townhouses, spanning locations including Bath, London, Surrey, Hampshire, Gloucestershire, Wiltshire, and even extending to projects in France.

Offering a comprehensive suite of services under one roof, The Build Bristol Group is proficient in overseeing every aspect of your project from inception to completion. This includes architectural planning, design, building regulations, planning permissions, structural engineering, construction, and project management, ensuring a flawless outcome that precisely aligns with your vision.

What we do

Through the integration of all services within a single entity, The Build Bristol Group is equipped to oversee your entire project comprehensively. This inclusive approach encompasses architectural planning, design, compliance with building regulations, planning processes, structural engineering, construction, and project management, all culminating in the attainment of an impeccable outcome tailored precisely to your requirements.

Why choose us

  • Attentive listening to grasp your precise requirements.
  • Daily on-site inspections for efficient scheduling and organisation.
  • Consistent communication to provide updates and address queries.
  • Proposing novel approaches to enhance the outcome.
  • Enhanced leadership and morale for maximal productivity.
  • Meticulous quality checks to guarantee exemplary craftsmanship.
  • Our pioneering cost management system.
  • Addressing any issues based on extensive procedural expertise.


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